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General chairs

B. Ben Amor (Institut Mines-Telecom/Telecom Lille/CRIStAL, France)
F. Chaieb (INSAT/CRISTAL, Tunisia)

Steering Committee

A. Srivastava (FSU, USA)
B. Dorizzi (Telecom SudParis, France)
B. Sankur (Bogazici University, Turkey)
B. Solaiman (Telecom Bretagne, France)
E. Zagrouba (ENIT/RIADI-GDL, Tunisia)
I. Riadh Ferah (ISAMM/RIADI-GDL, Tunisia)
J. Dugelay (Eurecom, France)
J-P. Vandeborre (Telecom Lille/CRIStAL, France)
L. Chen (ECL/LIRIS, France)
M. Bennamoun (UWA, Australia)
M. Hammami (FSS, Tunisia)
S. Sevestre (CEA-LinkLab, France)

Financial chair

S. M'Hiri (ENSI/CRISTAL, Tunisia)

Publicity chairs

H. Drira (Telecom Lille/CRIStAL, France)
N. Werghi (Khalifa University, UAE)
P. Turaga (ASU, USA)

Local organisation committee

S. Mabrouk (ENSI/CRISTAL, Tunisia)
A. Kacem (Telecom Lille/CRIStAL, France)
D. Sebai (ISIG de Kairouan/CRISTAL, Tunisia)
H. Mliki (ENET'COM, Tunisia)
M. A. Mezghich (ENSI/CRISTAL, Tunisia)
M. Jribi (INSAT/CRISTAL, Tunisia)
Q. de Smedt (Univ. Lille1/CRIStAl, France)
R. Mansour (ENSI/CRISTAL, Tunisia)

Industrial chairs

A. Ben-Hamadou (Valeo, France)
K. Mamou (FittingBox, France)
R. Slama (ARTEC 3D, Luxembourg)

Program committee

H. Wannous (University of Lille, France) (co-chair)
M. Jribi (INSAT/CRISTAL, Tunisia) (co-chair)
S. Berretti (UF, Italy) (co-chair)
A. Ben Abdallah (FM Monastir, Tunisia)
A. Ben Azza (Sup'Com, Tunisia)
A. Fleury (Mines-Douai, France)
A. Hadid (University of Oulu, Finland)
A. Hillion (Telecom Bretagne, France)
A. M. Zoubir (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
A. Ouled Zaid (ISI, Tunisia)
A. Tria (CEA, France)
B. Dorizzi (Telecom SudParis, France)
B. Gokberk (Bogazici University, Turkey)
B. hanem (KAUST, KSA)
B. Marius (Lille1/CRIStAL, France)
B. Xia (Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland)
C. Ben Amar (ENIS, Tunisia)
C. Ben Amar (ENIS/REGIM, Tunisia)
C. Hamitouche (Telecom Bretagne)
C. Samir (ISIT CNRS, France)
D. Huang (Baihang University, China)
D. Ziou (Sherbrooke, Canada)
D. Gadia (University of Milan, Italy)
D. Masmoudi (ENIS, Tunisia)
E. Fendri (FSS, Tunisia)
E. Zagrouba (RIADI-GDL, Tunisia)
F. Dibos (Institut Galilee, Universite Paris 13, France)
F. Drira (ENIS/REGIM, Tunisia)
G. Sundaramoorthi (KAUST, KSA)
H. Drira (Telecom Lille/CRIStAL, France)
H. Laga (University of South Australia, Australia)
H. Tabia (ENSEA, France)
H. Trichili (ISBS/Telecom Bretagne, Tunisia/France)
I. Riadh Ferah (RIADI-GDL, Tunisia)
J. Boonaert (Mines-Douai, France)
J. Su (TTU, USA)
J. De Guise (ETS, Canada)
J. Martinet (Lille1/CRIStAL, France)
J-P. Vandeborre (Telecom Lille/CRIStAL, France)
J-Ph. Thiran, (LTS5 / EPFL, Suisse)
K. Zreik (Paris 8, France)
L. Ballihi (Univ. Mohamed V, Morocco)
L. Cammoun (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Lausanne, Switzerland)
M. Mitrea (ARTEMIS, France)
M. Vermande ( Lille University, France)
M. Ardabilian (ECL/LIRIS, France)
M. Bennamoun (University of Western Australia)
M. Devanne (University of Lille, France)
M. Ferah (RIADI-GDL, Tunisia)
M. H. Bedoui (FM Monastir, Tunisia)
M. Preda (ARTEMIS, France)
M. VERMANDEL (University of Lille, France)
M. Zaied (ENIG/REGIM, Tunisia)
N. Richard (University of Poitiers, France)
N. Werghi (Khalifa University, UAE)
O. Losson (CRIStAL/Univ. Lille1)
P. Pala (UF, Italy)
P. Turaga (ASU, USA)
R. Deriche (Inria, France)
R. Guermazi (ISIMS, Tunisia)
S. Derrode (Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France)
S. Joshi (UCLA, USA)
S. Kurtek (OSU, USA)
S. Lecoeuche (Mines-Douai, France)
S. Zafeirou (Imperial College London, UK)
T. Zaharia (ARTEMIS, France)
T. Alashkar (Northeastern University, USA)
T. Jean Monnet (University, France)
W. Barhoumi (Enicarthage, Tunisia)
W. Miled (INSAT, Tunisia)
Y. Wang (Beihang university, China)
Z. Zhang (Duke University, USA)


  • - A poster session for published research will take place at RFMI-2016. If you are interested, please email your abstract to and bring your Poster (deadline : October, 15th)!

    - Endorsed by the IAPR.


    - It is planned to publish the proceedings with Springer in their Communications in Computer and Information Science series.



    - Submission of papers: September, 4

    - Notification of acceptance : October, 9

    - Camera-ready : October, 25

    - Early registration : October, 9-27.

    - Onsite (Late) registration: October, 27

    - VI RFMI 2016: October 27-29.